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AB1686 Child welfare agencies: enforcement.

Introduced by Assembly Member Bryan

(Coauthor: Assembly Member Kalra)

When a child is removed from their family, the paren(s then are deemed non-custodial parents and are responsible child welfare agencies are required to pay child support. If the parent is unable to pay, a debt is incurred which must be satisfied prior to reunification. It is the intent of the Legislature to limit the referral of these out-of-home cases to county child support enforcement departments and directs the agencies to prioritize family reunification over the practice of burdening parents and guardians with unnecessary debt.

POSTED: June 10, 2022

STATUS: SenateJudiciary - hearing 6/21/2022


Thoughts for consideration:

  • Any money collected does not go to support the child or family, but to recoup the child welfare expenses. However, the cost of collection well exceeds any collections.

  • In many places in California parents are charged for the time their children spend in foster care.

  • It disproportionally burdens single women of color, and studies have shown that the cost of collections exceeds the debt owed.


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