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From the Deserts to the Sea
From the Cities to the Fields
We are California


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To research and analyze legislation through the lens of the LIFT principles.  To provide tools to inform and empower average citizens.  To promote civic participation, effect change and secure liberty.​

LIFT Principles
  • Limited Government

Political power should be used only for specific or defined purposes and that the scope of government activity and legislation should be limited to what is necessary for those purposes. Political power is limited by a constitution. It is intimately connected to the idea of the rule of law—that political power must be bound and limited by explicit and known rules and can be exercised only in a rule‐​defined way, rather than an arbitrary and unpredictable one.

  • Individual Liberties

To protect against any laws that might infringe upon the rights granted to us under the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • Free Enterprise

Free enterprise refers to business activities that are not regulated by the government but are defined by a set of legal rules such as property rights, contracts, and competitive bidding. The argument for free enterprise is based on the belief that government interference in business and the economy hampers growth.     

  • Traditional Family Values

Studies from both the Left and the Right have long demonstrated that children living with their original mother and father have better outcomes than any other family composition with well-being indicators declining with each step further removed.  They live in a higher degree of safety, achieve better health and education outcomes, less likely to be involved in drugs, and are far less likely to live in poverty.  Researchers have known for decades that the best way out of poverty for mothers and their children is a stable marriage.  There is probably no more important duty of a parent than that of the education of their children.  The responsibility for educating children does not belong to the state and, therefore, the state should not usurp this responsibility from parents.

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